About Cathy Ford


Randy and Cathy Ford, Founders of New Heart Dimensions

For 25 years Cathy’s zeal and passion towards encouraging faith in the lives of others has been evident. Involvement in many areas of ministry has given Cathy the basis to “Get the Word out” and to help instill God’s promises in the lives of others.


Cathy and her husband Randy, of 40 years, minister together concentrating in areas of hospitality, youth, seniors and family. Their “Welcome Home” attitude prevails as they reach and teach from the young to old.



“What you concentrate and focus on will increase. Focus on God, not your problems and see what God will do,” is the advice Cathy loves to 


share with others. This was never more apparent as during the time of Randy’s unexpected heart attack. During this time of life changing events, Cathy determined to share her faith and totally focus on God’s Word and His ability to bring victory in this situation. Her prayer and encouragement cards were birthed through this experience. Thoughts, hopes and dreams founded on scripture became tools of encouragement now published. These inspirational cards, God’s Recipe for Successful Living, have proven timely, and are God-focused promises for all to follow. She continues to produce more topics in this series, each one specifically focusing on scripture and hope.


Continuing to be Market Place ministers, Cathy and Randy reach out to others in the secular world. Their ultimate goal is to work full time in Christian Ministry in building and encouraging the lives of others.


Cathy and Randy have raised their family in the Pacific Northwest. Their four children, now married with families of their own, have always been their inspiration to live life to the fullest. And now they are blessed to continue that quest with their 12 grandchildren.