How New Heart Began


How "God's Recipe for Successful Living Series" Began


In September of 1998 my husband suffered a heart attack that totally changed the course of our lives and our family's life forever. The one thing that sustained me through that difficult time was the Word of God. I began to personalize God's Word on 3X5 recipe cards and connected them together with a small ring and carried them with me all the time. I used them literally as a daily prayer for the purpose of renewing my mind and focusing on what God could do and not on the circumstances that surrounded me.


The miracles that followed have changed my life forever! God not only totally healed my husband but in the process, began renewing my mind to His thinking, changing my heart and even the words that came out of my mouth.


From that experience I have shared these cards with many others during their times of need and found how the Word became as real in their lives as it did in mine.


God's Word is the best gift you can give to yourself, your family and those in your circle of influence. The first four released in the faithbuilder scripture series "God's Recipe for Successful Living" are: Healing, Peace, Wisdom/ Direction and Total Life Blessing. These inspirational booklets are compact, so you can carry them with you wherever you go, easy to read, specific to their titles and personalized to bring the Word of God alive in your life.


From my Heart to yours, 


Cathy Ford


Words of Inspiration

No matter what you are going through in your life today, God has the answer you need. He said He would never leave us or forsake us and that is a promise from His Word 

(Heb 13:5/Josh 1:5).

  • God has given us His Holy Spirit to dwell on the inside of us with the same power that Jesus had as He walked this earth (John 14:16-20). He also left us His love letter of promises in His Word that save, heal, deliver, direct, correct, encourage, prosper, comfort and lift us.
  • God's Word will give you continual peace in the midst of any situation or circumstance.
  • God's Word has His life power in it to give you courage and strength, to build your faith, to heal your body and your mind and to guide your every step.
  • God's Word sees beyond your current problem or fear and brings you the promise of new beginnings and hope for a bright future.
  • God's Word brings truth and light and wisdom to whoever seeks after it and asks for it.
  • God's Word is alive and full of power, it can change any situation or circumstance but more importantly it can change your heart. When you meditate & abide in God's Word it will change your very thinking, what you say and the way you live your life.


Additional God's Recipe for Successful Living Scripture Books

Soon to be Released



    • More Than Enough
    • Victory
    • Boldness/Courage
    • Faith Not Fear
    • God's Favor
    • Love/Joy
    • Faithfulness
    • Grace/Mercy
    • Great Expectations
    • Forgiveness
    • Provision
    • Children (Serving the Lord)
    • Warfare Weapons (Offensive)
    • Righteousness/Holiness
    • Strength/Endurance